Where's Lauryn Hill?

Right hand ellen. left hand nancy pelosi. For collabs or booking inquiries hit smokedoutbrick@gmail.com




Randy Liedtke created this Bloody Mary that’s so awesomely over-the-top it clearly belongs in our Department of Outrageously Overindulgent Bloody Marys.

The cocktail is garnished with one footlong sub, four pieces of fried chicken, one entire pepperoni pizza, two double cheeseburgers, onion ring, french fries, garlic bread, pickles, olives, onions, one whole lemon, one whole lime, jalapeños, and last but not least, a second Bloody Mary.


Don’t send me a bouquet of flowers, send me this

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My loopdeloop entry for the block theme made it onto their blog!  

"From building blocks to blocks with buildings…"

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